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Hygiene and safety : In conformity with the national food hygienic standard and Japan hygienic PVC (JHP) association standard. It was suitable for all sorts of food package.
Glossiness and transparency: Both fine glossiness extent and transparency property enable the product to enhance its value.
Retaining freshness property: It possesses good gas barrier and good moisture retention which can ensure the fresh extent of food.
Fog resistance property: If the food containing moisture is wrapped by general wrap film, the surface is easily to condense water droplet and loom foggy status which affect on poor perspectivity and easily spoil the food. Nan Ya’s product gets an outstanding fog resistance enabling the water-drop to wander about and scatter automatically and keep up carrying good transparency property for food package and ensure the fresh degree of food.
Cold resistance property: The product occupies an outstanding cold resistance property and still retains a good softness under cold storage at low temperature.

Suitable for food package like vegetable, fruit, meat, seafood and so forth.

Matters needing attention:

Suitable for the application of use at room temperature and cold storage.
Please do not use the product to direct wrap high fat food.
By using the product in microwave is not recommended. Do not let the product to direct contact the food under the high temperature.

LUCKY FILM 250mm x 500m x 9 micGlossy
LUCKY FILM 300mm x 500m x 9 mic6Glossy
LUCKY FILM300mm x 30m x 9 mic48 Glossy
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